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Testimonials …

format_quoteEdie, you have touched the lives of so many people worldwide …probably more than anyone in the industry has.- J&C Shirey, Pittsburg, PA

format_quoteYou are the BEST.
I am writing you this short letter to show my appreciation for the joy and happiness you have brought into my life as well as my friends around me. You have been an inspiration for my dance partner and I…- N.A. Miami, Florida

format_quoteEdie, what you do is bigger than just teaching dancing.
I mean you are like a life coach to any problems! I felt like I grew just from last meeting. I admire how you think and talk. You words are so meaningful that I can just think about it for few days. All these comments might not mean much to you but I just want to let you know that I have so much respect for you. Your new fan,- M.T. Brisbane, Australia

format_quoteNo one teaches the “why’s” like you do Edie. In many, many, many seminars and classes that I’ve attended. They tell you what to do … but never the whys. You shared the whys, which in turn connected all of the dots. Being willing to recognize that I didn’t know what I didn’t know … made the it possible to see the connectedness. WOW! I’m preparing myself for the next belt now. I am convinced, “Clarity is the first lesson in learning”. You brought the clarity and I was more than able to learn!!!

format_quoteThank-you Edie for taking the time and devoting the energy to designing and developing this system. You and your team deserve the highest accolades.

format_quoteIn the Navy we say Bravo Zulu when someone does something that deserves praise. BRAVO ZULU EDIE AND TEAM!!! – Art Davis, US Navy, Connecticut, and Certified BBS™ Red Belt Pro Trainer

format_quoteThe practice time was excellent: Edie, I loved it. Many a times an instructor falls into the blah, blah, blah, and no action..not the case here…. – K.J., Copenhagen, Denmark

format_quoteI’ve never been to a workshop in which the instructor also served as a personal morals and relationship “Adviser”. . yesterday I had the pleasure to attend one of the most fun and amazing workshops that and Carmen Perez-Ahmed put together at studio 65. Whether you are a begginer or a veteran dancer, you would’ve enjoyed taking this worshop with this wonderful lady know through-out the Salsa-world as “Edie, The Salsa Freak”. (I personaly would preffer to call her by a well deserved name like Salsa Queen”)

format_quoteAll of us left there with a different frame of mind, on top of the fact that we were all well entertained by her constant funny humor all through-out the workshop. This is an amazing lady who’s full or energy and charisma, not to mention her passion for dancing. I highly recommend her work shops and tutoring videos, plus I certainly hope that she comes around again. A special thanks to Carmelo Parrilla who cooked the food provided and Thank you for provinding us with a great workshop with one of the best Salseras in the world. – S.A.R, Fresno, CA

format_quoteEdie, the classes were GREAT especially because of your energy and love for Salsa. Really was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PS: You’re awesome Edie! – P.C, Chicago, IL

format_quoteEdie’s workshops are always the most popular and year after year, she excels in keeping her workshops fresh, exciting and entertaining. Students absolutely love her!…- A.L., Sydney, Australia

format_quoteI have taken three of your classes last year and I want to take more. You do have really inspiring classes that is just not about dancing but about life! One day while I was not to busy at work, I read all of your blogs and really enjoyed the way you think and how you keep growing and especially how you help so many others. – K.Y, Colorado Springs, CO

format_quoteIt was a real pleasure to experince your workshops during the first Scandinavian Salsa Congress 2006 in Gothenburg!You werevery talented, educational and funny! My girlfriend and I (and hopefully everybody else) lovedthegreat show you gave on Sunday… – P.B. Gothenburg, Sweden

format_quoteWe traveled six hours for your workshop and it was well worth the trip!! My dance partner and I must say we both enjoyed the workshop very much! You are an amazing instructor. … – J.C. Ft. Lauderdale, FL

format_quoteFate was smiling on me the day I experienced two of your workshops. I got to enjoy your wonderfully witty and wise performances. So I went along to the spins class and that too was witty and wise. (You looked absolutely regal up there on the balcony, with that dreadfully melodramatic picture of a horse behind you; did you notice? What a performance!!)… – J.H. Manchester, England

format_quoteEdie, your Musicality class was the best class I’ve ever attended. Wow… – W.B. Brisban, Australia

format_quoteEdie, “YOU” are one of the Best Instructors in the world.
The workshops with Edie the Salsa freak where good. I think people who visit the workshops know now why she is one of the best Salsa teachers and dancers in the world. Her explanations where crystal clear and there was really a connection with the audience is my opinion.- R.C. Dusseldorf, Germany Over and over again and every time WITH PLEASURE!!! Workshops with Edie – Really nice on the legs part. Edie has shown with the Workshop not only your huge teaching talent, she can also handle really well with the people and does with humor and a lot of charm. It was to be seen very interesting like you this does so… – I.D. Frankfurt, Germany

format_quoteEdie, your workshop made me excited about Salsa more and more. I respect you that you are a great teacher as well as a great dancer with great sense of humor. I really liked your teaching style. I liked your ‘performance’ that telling a story of a song to show us the phrasings, paragraphs of the music. I liked very much the demonstration of how to recover from ‘fall’. Also, I liked the demonstration of how to ask other people to dance with me..- C.S. Phoenix AZ


format_quoteYou are AWESOME!! Hi Edie! I heard of you, but when I finally took one of your workshops, I had NO IDEA of how well you could CAPTIVATE us while keeping ALL OF US MESMERIZED the entire time! You TRULY have a gift…- H.C. Munich, Germany

format_quoteI love your teaching style. I also like the way you rotate the lines so everyone has a chance to see you in action…- A.L., Paris, France

format_quoteThere are no better partners on the dance floor than those who have learned from Edie. She turns regular men into partners who pull the best from me. I can recognize them on the dance floor by their moves and the way they treat me. They are gentleman. She has made them into the strong men they always had buried inside of them the same way she turned me into the beautiful woman that was buried deep inside of me.- K.R. Denver, CO

format_quoteI was very aware of what you were actually giving to your students; it was a success recipe for life skills that included Salsa!I personally really admired your teaching technique. Anyway, I wanted you to know you were a special treat for all. Thank you for coming to Alaska. I hope you don’t quit and move on to something else… – R&B Bishop, Anchorage Alaska

format_quoteEdie, your Ladies Styling workshops and DVDs enhanced and beautified the way I dance – I am FINALLY starting to get a LOT of compliments now!! Thank you!! A.T. – Denver

format_quoteI am NEVER BORED in your AWESOME classes! Most instructors bore me so much, I stopped taking workshops. Not the case with you! You always keep my attention, I just don’t know how you do it!… – J.C. Ft. Lauderdale, FL

format_quoteWOW! I am really honored to have taken this day to learn under you Edie. You really are a pro. Great teacher. I had never danced with a man. You made the instructions clear. It was really hard work and I am sooooo sore! But what a pleasure. Felt so emotional/teary even.. after class. You taught the proper respect between men and women and that is priceless … – AT, Denver, Colorado