Salsa Classes in Denver!

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Salsa in Denver

Every THURSDAY night starts at 6:45pm!!
$5 Social:  8pm

Student Discount!

– with Student ID

Salsa in Denver on Thursday Nights!

A BEAUTIFUL evening of Denver Salsa & Bachata Dance Classes & Social Dancing

Walk-ins Welcome!  No need to wait!

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Thursday, August 22nd, 2019!!

5th Annual Masquerade Ball!

Tickets On Sale NOW!

Potluck Dinner

FREE Drinks for everyone!

Live Salsa Band:  Orchestra Son Tres!!

Class:  6:45pm

Social:  8pm till Midnight!


Elegant Masquerade Ball
Salsa in Denver Masquerade Ball!

Live Salsa Band!!

LIVE Salsa Band!!

What to Wear …

(Mandatory – we will have spare outfits for you if you forget)

– Tuxedos or Black Tie Suits

– Elegant Long Dresses

– Masquerade Ball MASKS!

Denver Bachata Bootcamp 2019

Workshop Details!

Something CASUAL – no heels.  You will be on your feet all day!  Wear flat shoes that can spin well on a dancefloor.  RELAX and have fun with us!! You’ll meet TONS of new people!

Bring snacks, drinks, and whatever you need to keep your blood sugar up all day!  We will be breaking for a 40-minute lunch around 1pm.

It’s best if you can bring a partner!  If you don’t have one, we will provide plenty for you!  TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS TO COME!

Expect nothing short of WORLD CLASS instruction from some of the best instructors in the world!  They base their teachings off the World Famous Black Belt Dance curriculum created by Edie, The Salsa FREAK!! and is currently being used by 18 schools in 13 countries!!


Date:   Various

Location:  Colorado Adventure Point, 10455 W 6th Ave, Lakewood, CO 80215

Time:  10am – 4pm

Lunch:  1pm – 1:40pm

Phone:  303-888-5355

Private Salsa Lessons

Private Dance Lessons!! 

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Salsa in Denver - Black Belt Dance

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Apprentices Wanted!

Your Denver Team …



Get Good FAST!!
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Felix Cervantes

Lead BBD Instructor

Sarah Albertson

Primary BBD Instructor

Jesse Greaves-Smith

BBS Instructor

Lisa Covington

BBS Instructor

Jerico Lostaunau

Advanced BBS Instructor

Gabriel Kopylov

Advanced Instructor

Arturo Hernandez

BBS Instructor

Adam Ontiveros

BBS Instructor

Satria Putra

BBS Instructor

Stephanie Bettman

BBS Instructor

Espe Messmersmith

BBS Instructor

Eric Hall

BBS Instructor

Adam Simms

BBS Instructor

Kamshat Mussina

BBS Instructor

Julie Lewis

BBS Instructor

Adelina Apodaca

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Brody Koch

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John Ellsworth

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Mike Wolfe

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Mateo Martinez

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This could be YOU!

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This could be YOU!

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This could be YOU!

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This could be YOU!

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Black Belt Dance (BBD) Testimonial
Salsa in Denver - 4.9-Star Rating with Google

“From an accomplished world class athlete to an academic leader, my experiences have allowed me to critique body movement and teaching pedagogy.  Black Belt Dance will not only challenge world class athletes, Edie and her Apprentices will mold you into a world class dancer and instructor.  The attention to detail in instruction is perfect for beginners to top level dancers.

The non-intimidating, driven, and social environment creates a safe but fun experience for all ages. Edie made me Red Belt ready in less than a week.  I was dancing with top Denver dancers after one week of private instruction!  Give it a try!
Matthew Martinez, MA, MBA”